Acer iconia tab a500 update 4.0

While its clearly been implemented to get out this weeks Ice Cream Sandwich update, it should work for future acer security and feature patches as iconia well.Some leaks of Android.0.3 from Acer were published on xda-developers over a series of months leading up acer to its April 2012 release.I have most of the roms from Tegraowners as well as some acer files to unlock the bootloader.Before i decide to throw this away im going to give this risk a shot.Whereas advanced users usually load up a secondhand acer ZIP file into their stock or custom recovery, the Acer app sends a message to the companys servers to send you the latest software quick, fast and in a hurry.The A500 is sold with 64GB flash in certain countries although both 16GB and 32GB models are available. 9, as of with now, there are a few ROMs that are built based on the leaks and many of them were updated numerous times to be based on the newer releases as they came through from Acer.
11, in April 2012 Acer released Ice Cream Sandwich.0.3 which in some regions is identical to the.031.00 leak from March 12 13 This ICS Release is susceptible to Rooting solutions that date back to the original leaks - all of which utilise the.Frustrated acer A500 user here.At the moment only the Iconia Tab A500 is supported mores the pity for owners of the 7-inch A100.Unlocking bootloader/Recovery, bootloader unlock tutorial.Now heres what we like to see: a manufacturer thats proactive in getting their customers upgraded game to the latest software.I was able to read the post, and download the files on the link provided and tried my best to follow them.Ntfs and other file-systems were available through apps that depend upon rooting ) being able to be used with the tablet.17 Developers on the TegraOwners forum have game produced community maintained and developed builds of later Android releases, which have not been approved nor endorsed by Acer.For more detailed impressions on the ins and outs of these builds, you can hit up the source links below.14 Although the previous 'itsmagic' trick, also by sc2k, no longer works knjiga with the updated bootloader, one can utilise the device's APX Mode to install modified games images, provided one is able to obtain their unique UID from the device and hence calculate their Secure Boot.Since the latest version of Android Honeycomb (3.2) The device supports a much larger variety emulator of USB devices including armada ntfs and linux partitions.