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Its uses can range from logic the logic more plugins traditional ones of a compressor to completely squashing and plugins distortion of the incoming signal.
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Triple EQ is a 3 plugins bands, semi-parametric equalizer, with a very slick and attractive user interface.Leslie Rotary speaker simulator, re-Psycho!Flux Bittersweet can be downloaded from here.But its use is not limited to drums, and has proven to be very effective on synth leads or guitars, when capturing more energy from the strumming etc.If you are looking for a gentle compressor, this might not be right choice; if, however, extreme compression is what we are looking for, this is definitely a go-to plugin.You can check few examples of its sound below and download the plugin from here (64 bits only). Macintosh HD Library Audio Plug-ins Components ).
Saturation Knob is a freeware Softube product.
Rough Rider player can be downloaded from here.
Possible uses include, for menu example, adding more grit to a kick drum, using the Keep Low function, carbon helping it cut through the mix or completely distorting a drum loop.We especially like Detune, which can create effects ranging from the mild chorus to bizarro detuning and tracker, which can be used to turn audio files into strange synth melodies.The installation process is a bit less straight-forward than usual: in order to download and install Red EQ, you first have to add it to your shopping cart from here and then proceed to checkout.Kotelnikov by Tokyo Dawn.Although Logic Pro already comes with its own, high quality and comprehensive set ticket of windows plugins, suitable for most audio purposes, there are times when the user needs a specific function or simply wants to add new flavors to the audio palette: this ticket is when third-party.Certainly not aimed at surgical operation, the Red EQ is suitable for broad band strokes or coloration of the incoming signal.In this case, of course, the license is free, but the same procedure must be followed.Freebies, when it comes to audio, plugins ticket are to present-day production what outboard gear used to be until a few years ago.The ever-growing Sound Library is also a powerful source of inspiration, thanks to Patches that allow for rich layers of instruments and effects and Smart Controls that let you easily shape any sound.The result is a pleasant sounding, un-harsh plugin with a distinct tonal character.On the opposite side of the spectrum we find Kotelnikov by Tokyo Dawn: a dynamics processor with an incredibly vast palette of options.RoundPan 3D panner, shepard Continuously rising/falling tone generator, talkbox High resolution vocoder.