Autoplay media studio templates

Feature: Added a list of files to ignore from building, exporting and resource cleaning, found on the "Build" page of Edit Preferences.
Fix: templates Made studio it so that the import.REG file option would insert the text templates media at the current carat position in the code editor.
Fix: Fixed media a bug media involving loading of 8-bit bmp files.Fix: Fixed a bug where media loading files on the On Movie End event of a QuickTime object would cause a crash.Fix: Fixed a bug where the Auto-Resize options and the SetPos actions would cause objects to dissapear when performed on a resizable dialog.Fix: Fixed a bug where Plugin objects could cause problems when using callback functions on the On Preload event.Fix: Fixed a bug where the border of the RichEdit object would sometimes become invisible when the user would type.Fix: Fixed a bug where quick actions weren't being processed in resource optimization.Fix: Sped up the loading of very large archived projects and templates.Fix: Fixed a bug in the tProperties action where the FontScript value was not being set properly.Fix: Fixed a bug where visual styles would no longer work at runtime when the "rename resource files" option was enabled. To help you get started quickly we provide extra resources including video training, professional content add-ons, an online user forum, and much more!
Fix: Fixed a bug game where media the spell checker would not work properly if the text being checked was longer then 1000 characters.Fix: Fixed a bug manager where keyboard shortcuts were autoplay not working properly in the Object Browser pane.Fix: Fixed a bug where tProperties was not restarting the movie if the Autostart option was turned.Fix: Fixed a crash that would happen sometimes when the Personal Edition was closed and Web objects game still had content running.Fix: Fixed a bug in the tFileVersion action where improper results were being returned.Fix: Fixed an incorrect status text for File Save.Fix: Fixed a bug where some buttons on the property grid would not work for plugin objects on dialogs.Fix: Fixed a bug where using the tProperties action would cause certain QuickTime events to no longer fire.Fix: Fixed a bug where closing a DialogEx with an active timer would cause a crash.Fix: Fixed an occassional crashing bug when opening projects in the personal edition.Fix: Made it possible keyboard for xButton objects to use 32-bit icons for its button image.Fix: Fixed missing "pairs" statement in distributed files "a" and "a".GalleryScripts.Feature: keyboard Added new tSilent and Silent actions.Fix: Fixed a bug where the right-click Unlock option was not working on the Object Browser pane.Fix: Fixed a bug where some audio events were not firing properly.

Fix: Fixed a bug in the tProperties action autoplay media studio templates where the "Transparent" table value was returning a number instead of a boolean value.
Fix: Fixed a redraw error in the xButton object where it would sometimes remain "hot" when it should not.