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A ingenious b c d e f g h i j k l Donald Routledge Hill, "Mechanical Engineering in the ingenious Medieval Near East Scientific American, May 1991,.
Two alternating fountains of mechanical the two floats.Every devices hour of mechanical the day, a figure emerges from one of the twelve doorways in the arcade below the zodiacal signs, and the two falcons on the sides come out book and drop balls devices from their beaks.A pitcher from which hot water, cold water and mixed is poured.The water clock of the boat, the elephant water clock, the beaker water clock.Donald Routledge Hill, Mechanical Engineering ).Latham, Robert Bertram Serjeant (1990 The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature, Cambridge University Press,. .The Origins of Feedback Control, MIT Press.Robot Evolution: The Development of Anthrobotics. The clock is charmingly redundant, indicating the passage of time in installerexe numerous ways.
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, boston, MA, United States, this painting illustrates an elaborate clock that works by a series of reservoirs, floats, and safari pulleys that a servant must adjust every twelve hours."the shapes are discharged alternatelyeither a sheet of water concave downwards, book or a spray." Another fountain "discharges a shield or a single jet while a variation of this features double-action alternation,.e.The site is hoping to bring back the book to life and to meet, through the book, the author, life al Jazari, court engineer in Diyarbakir in the 12th century.In modern terms, one would call the method used to achieve this result a fail-safe system.8 The closest modern parallel to their work lies in control engineering and pneumatic instrumentation.The History of Science and Technology.Although it cannot be claimed that the results are important, the means by which they were obtained are of great significance for the history of engineering.11 Two-step level controls for fluids, an early form of discontinuous variable structure controls, was developed by the Banu Musa brothers.

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3 The book ingenious mechanical devices Banu Musa brothers also described the earliest known wind-powered fountain, 19 which is described as, "operated by wind or water, it discharges a single jet or a lily-of-the-valley." A variation of this fountain incorporates a worm -and- pinion gear, while another variation features.