Ca it client manager r12

You can manager configure the scanner to perform a compliance check on manager additional or custom checklists.
The agent runs the hardware inventory collect task that is configured to scan the checklists, pulls the compressed archive files of the new or updated checklists from the scalability server, and client stores them on the agent computer.
Note: When new versions of checklists are available in the scap_Checklists folder, the domain manager distributes the checklists throughout the CA client itcm environment.Internationalized products also support the ability to specify local language conventions for date, client time, currency, and number formats.3 CA Product References This document references the following CA products: CA IT Client Manager (CA itcm) CA Service Desk CA Desktop and Server Management CA Desktop Migration Manager (CA DMM) CA Asset Management CA Asset Intelligence CA Software Delivery CA Remote Control CA Asset.Chapter 2: CA itcm Upgrade Considerations and Known Issues Chapter 3: Asset Management Changes and Enhancements This section client contains the following topics: Changes and Enhancements (see page 31) NRI on Linux and unix Operating Environments (see page 31) Introduction to Desktop Compliance Scanner (see page.Phase 4: Upgrade the DSM agents After each upgrade phase the configuration is fully functional, that is, the upgraded components can communicate manager with components not yet client upgraded.You can create queries and reports based on this inventory information just as you do with any other inventory data.Manager Operating Environments (Manager, Engine, Web Console, Web Services, and SQL Server MDB) Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition) 32- and 64-bit Windows Server 2003 SP2 (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition) 32- and 64-bit Windows Server 2008 SP2 (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Datacenter. Note: If you upgrade from CA itcm r12 with the nist-scap patch installed, the latest fdcc inventory detection modules are not enabled automatically.
Should the license terminate for any reason, it is your responsibility to certify in writing to CA that all copies and partial copies of the Documentation have been returned to CA or destroyed.The generated signature is sent with the compressed checklist file to the scalability server, from where the asset management agent retrieves the checklist files when running a DCS computer scan.When the collect task runs at the agent computer, the scanner starts the scan based on the checklists networking available on the agent computer.Symbol Using Software Delivery to Uninstall Windows Agent DSM Packages Problem with Repair Mode Repair a Corrupted CA itcm Manager Installation Junk hide Characters hack in Japanese CA Workflow for CA itcm Command Prompt Window English Chart Titles in Japanese Version of CA Asset Intelligence English Chart.When the engine hack runs the collect task next time, it collects the result files from the scalability server and stores them on the domain manager.The scanner can also perform a compliance check on any other valid scap data stream.The agent then verifies the signature on the compressed checklist files and proceeds with the scan only if the signature verification is successful.Follow the instructions in the installation wizard and complete the installation.Note: Specify an earlier version number as this reduces the chances of a version number conflict when a new checklist is released.Phase 3: Upgrade the DSM scalability servers.Installation of DCS The computer following sections describe the installation of DCS on the manager and agent computers.CA IT Client Manager r12 ccnfclient.1 CA IT Client Manager Release Notes and Known Issues r12 SP1 2 This documentation and any related computer software help programs (hereinafter referred to as the "Documentation are for your informational purposes only and are subject hack to change or withdrawal by CA at any.You can configure the fdcc inventory detection modules to enable the collection of result files from the agent computer to the scalability server.You can create a new collect task or modify the existing one to schedule the scan.

CA IT Client Manager r12 URC Manager.
Install DCS on a Manager DCS, as a part of this CA itcm ca it client manager r12 release, is integrated into the CA itcm r12 SP1 installer.