Clash of clans strategy guide

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Common army compositions and Risk vs Reward.
Clash of the Clans (CoC) is strategy one of those games that takes a lifetime.Chief's Strategy Guides/Troops/Barbarians /Clothing clans - Sub-Section of the Barbarian Section.Chief's Strategy /Belt - Sub-Section of the Clothing Section.This guide will aim to walk you through the basics of the game, as well as the most essential strategies, tactics, tips and hints for achieving success in clans the Clash of Clans world.For example, if you were to have a Strategy Guide about Barbarians guide and another about Archers you would create the following pages: Chief's clash clans Strategy Guides, chief's Strategy Guides/Troops.If clash you see that someone's strategy guide that contains clans inappropriate content, report it here: Clash of Clans Wiki:Report. Chief's Strategy Guides/Troops /Barbarian, chief's Strategy Guides/Troops /Archer, the same pattern can be repeated many times adding a security / to parallels a section and adding a new sub-section.
It is to be named in the following way: Your Wiki Name's Strategy Guides /Title of character the Strategy Guide.This bleach section is where comprehensive guides in relation to Gameplay can be found.Base Defense Basics - Basic elements of strategy and good base design.Feel free to leave your own hints, tips and suggestions by posting a comment in the sections at the end of each page.If you are still wifi developing you strategy guide please to include Maintenance on top of your Strategy Guide, not following this process may result in your Strategy Guide being deleted due to insufficient content!Flammy's YouTube Channel provides instructional content in the form of walkthoughs, tips, and advice.Chief's Strategy /Belt Buckle - Sub-Section of the Belt Section.Please ensure: The given Page Name format is used.Attacking: How To Raid - Goal: Get Resources - Benefits of raiding, ideal raid, limits, restrictions, and details relating to the fine art of stealing resources.Strategy edition Guides Table of Contents: If you are the author of a Strategy Guide, please request for your Strategy Guide to be added to the Table of Contents here: Clash of Clans Wiki:Requests.Chief's disc Strategy Guides/Troops /Archers - Sub-Section of the Troop Guide.