Corel draw x5 pl serial

I have serial new laptop but corel can't find the corel install disc.
I have Westinghouse monitor serial but it won't work on this laptop.Installed X5 on laptop but didn't register.Wife stepped on lap and cracked LCD so I can't see screen.I have removed the hd from the old lap and can read it and access the setup file.It is asking for the serial number. Is there a way to retrieve it?If you have registered the software to your Corel account (if you have one) then you should be able to retrieve your serial number by logging in into your Corel account.'Everything's gone wrong he said.'It is not serial allowed for transit passengers to be in here.' He waved us serial magnificently away from the snack counter, made us pick up all our gear again, and herded us back through the door and away into the first room where, a minute serial later. 'I just couldn't figure it out he protested, twisted half round in his seat to harangue.
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