Cs 1.6 cfg cheat 100

cs 1.6 cfg cheat 100

There is big box in ur base.
Weapon select cheat - give weapon cheat name.Exe file from the cheat root directory of cheat the game.Auto-reload enabled - reload, auto-reload disabled - -reload, setC4 timer - mp_c4timer 1-100.Hint: x- In cs_actec you cheat can climb on all roofs only you must find 6 friends and climb up to next head so the last can get up to roof and in cs_asault you need only write in console gg 99 then you can get.Jump on ur friend head and then keep jumping u can go through the sky.Finally, enter one of the following codes at the console to activate the cheat function: Result Code 16,000 - impulse101, arctic sniper rifle cheat - give spaceweapon_awp.I hope these things will help cheat you very much.Ucp_upload_pass password Password FTP server.You can also do this when playing with cheat bots, but it will take longer. Be careful to not saturday let ur own persons be caught in this act.
Set to 0 to disable, default is 6 Note - mp_freezetime seconds Set maximum length in minutes a round aan last, default is 5 Note - mp_roundtime 3-15 Set minutes between map rotations, default is 0 Note - mp_timelimit Toggle friendly fire Note - mp_friendlyfire.
Restart game after one second - sv_restartround.Then jump book on the saturday red door.Loads a new map.If you get fragged morning wait for approximately 5 seconds before you press the binded key.Syntax: Scan method P search by tally name W search by class window S search by name driver (.sys) D search by description driver L search by local module memory size (use ucp_info 1 in game console, for write.dbg file all module info) Action.Min buy time.5 minutes.For banning some one type "status" in the console, after this you will see the nick saturday names of players along with their ip addresses in front of their names, then type "addipspaceminutesspaceip address" you can use 0zero for a permanent ban.When u're playing the game, press "mouse1 fire and you'll see a ligting body.Number of smoke puffs at one time fastsprites X - x 0 : regular transparent smoke grenade sprites x 1 : simple cheatbook transparent smoke grenade sprites (default) x 2 : very simple transparent smoke grenade sprites.1 no anti-cheat will be able to run on the server, but can only do damage to those who toast play the same way without the anticheat 2 all players can do damage to each other ucp_id_mode 1/0 on/off connect to the server 2 or more.