Dbx 286a microphone processor reviews

And, the separate threshold and ratio controls on the Expander/Gate allow you to subtly reduce headphone leakage or radically gate noisy guitar reviews amps.
Enhancer increases the detail and definition of processor the high and low frequencies.
Classic dbx Compression puts great sound within easy reach.I have a Focusrite Clarrett at home, and the difference.The sonically pristine reviews dbx 286s reviews Mic Preamp has all the features you need, including wide-ranging input gain control, switchable 48V phantom power, and an 80Hz high-pass microphone filter to remove low frequency hum, rumble or wind.Fine-tune the Enhancer HF Detail control to add sparkle and crispness to your tracks and make adjustments to the LF Detail control to add fullness and depth to vocals and bass instruments while cleaning up the muddy reviews low midrange frequencies.Input Gain Range (line) -15dB to 45 dB, insert microphone Connector 1/4" TRS: Normalled; tip is Send, ring is Return.Full compliment of meters and status LEDs 48V Phantom Power, precision detented controls, documentation.Program adaptive Expander/Gate, insert jack allows you to add an external processor. Wonderful unit, every home recordist should own one of these.
Use the patented dbx OverEasy compressor to dead transparently smooth out uneven acoustic tracks or than deliver that classic "in your face" vocal performance that only a dbx compressor can.
The dbx 286s offers a full compliment of metering and status LEDs to visually guide you to achieving the right sound.
game Use the Insert jack to interface between the Mic Preamp and the signal crack processing sections to "loop out" to external processors (such as EQ or delay unit) or to mix the Mic Preamp's signal out to an external destination.Larger Images, the dbx 286s is a full featured Channel Strip Processor that delivers a studio quality microphone/instrument preamplifier and four processors that can be used independently or in any combination.Eliminate vocal sibilance and high frequency distortion from instruments such as cymbals with the frequency tunable De-Esser.Insert Impedance 5k (ring-return 100 (tip-send insert Max Level 21dBu; 20dBm (600 load-tip insert Noise -84dBu, unweighted (20Hz-20kHz line gain Control set to 0dB.Features, studio quality Mic Preamp/Channel Strip Processor.Insert Distortion.01 THD, 20Hz-20kHz, 10dBu Output Connectors 1/4" Balanced/Unbalanced TRS Connectors Output Impedance 100 unbalanced, 200 balanced Max Output 21dBu, 20dBm (600 load) Gain Adjustment Range -30dB to 10dB Noise -80dBu unweighted (20Hz-20kHz Both Gain Controls set for 0dB, all processing controls OFF Frequency.The floating balanced XLR Mic Input hindi accepts balanced or unbalanced inputs to easily novo connect than to professional and home studio microphones.The additional 1/4" TRS Line Input can accept balanced/unbalanced signals to process live electronic instruments or pre-recorded tracks at mixdown.The dbx 286s provides you with all the mic processing you need in one box, with the shortest, cleanest signal path to keep your music sounding its best!