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It's not at all clear what's actually going on although the Omega Ending reveals that you're entire existence revolves around killing Dision.
In particular, the efforts of combat the Lighthouse War are Allfor Nothing electrosphere thanks to Nemo's existence.
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game Made even more blatant with the R-311 Remora parasite fighter and its host aircraft, the R-531 Mobura.Upeo combat Missions.Continuity combat Cameo : Before being really popular in Ace Combat combat 5: The Unsung War, but after appearing in Ace Combat 2, Kei Nagase makes an appearance as a member of Ouroboros in a news broadcast.In the Japanese version on one path you can play as one of the bombers you have to shoot down in that mission!This fan-driven project is unofficial and non-profit.Nebulous Criminal Conspiracy lurking in the background and pulling every string.Superpower : The Universal Peace Enforcement Organization, Neucom, General electrosphere Resource, and Ouroboros.They can however, shoot at you.Sequential Boss : The final battles against Rena and Dision in one of the endings. This proves crucial later on as she betrays Dision.
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In the past few decades, the national governments of Strangereal have decayed beyond repair and were replaced by a global rule.Apparently Dision's plans did not expect this particular thing to happen.A lesser example is in GR's route, where you must shoot down Neucom strato-transports carrying mini-fighters.The take on these propaganda vehicles is a bit more realistic safari than most; the networks' bias in favor of their sponsors is apparent, but isn't over the top.Lensman Arms Race : Both General game Resource and Neucom develop (or, in the case of GR, upgrade) their fleet to better fight one another.Yes, the whole thing is as absurd as it sounds, and characters within the game lampshade macbeth this ruthlessly.Super Prototype : Many General Resource planes are actually born from raptor real-life prototypes of otherwise abandoned or shelved projects.Taking You with Me : If the player sides with Ouroboros, Keith attacks you, Dision and Rena.Everyone else had to wait for two years to experience this trope in Ace Combat.Agness Kaku (Mission 01 Awakening) - Special Thanks - BlackDog61 CUE Eien Ni Hen Henry.He is happy to find out his victory is guaranteed, as all five possible paths end with Dision's death.Ill Girl : Rena Hirose, combat who suffers from a disease where her skin's pigmentation does not protect her body from UV rays.

Ouroboros: They are terrorists.
No matter how dangerous or game ace combat electrosphere amoral that kind of science.