Heroes 6 gold edition patch 1.8

heroes 6 gold edition patch 1.8

Sanctuary Spring Spirits and Mizu-Kamis have now heroes the passive Ability Water Strike.
Effect chilled now gives vulnerability to might instead of fire.Heroes 6 Miscellaneous In the Rise to Power multiplayer gold map, there is a wrong camera starting position for the players in slots three, five and six.Duplicate string in tooltip for "Master of water" abilities.Missing translation in the Extra Content menu.Shape your destiny: patch Choose your path between Blood Tears, assume your choices and customize your gaming experience thanks to a brand new patch Reputation system.Debug string present in abilities titles for Prince Sławoj gold and Kirył gold in the Polish version.Transept of Heaven - heroes Gold cost decreased to 11000 patch instead of 15000. Improved cooperation among primary and secondary heroes.
Skirmish AI tweaks: o total Tries to edition defend all dare owned town (previously the AI focused on its starting town) o Previously if a hero stronger then the AI's hero threatened a town, the AI hero let that town undefended.Ore cost increased to 7 instead.Hall of keygen Immortals o Gold cost decreased to 7500 instead of 10000.Spring Spirit Stack increased to 75 (12).Danse Macadre- The game's background music does not stop when a cutscene starts.Inconsistency between text and audio during the Intro cinematic.A princess of Varn - Primary Quest marker is not displayed on the in syfy game map menu.Frost Shrine Gold cost increased to 3500 instead of 2500.Juggernaut Luck decreased to 12 (-cool.Inferno Raging projects Kennels Gold cost increased to 2250 instead of 2000.Magic Sanctuary hero Himiko has Might heroic strike animation and damage instead of water magic animation and damage.Crusher Minimum Melee Damage decreased to 4 (-1).Stand Your Ground and Mass Stand Your Ground do monkeys 7/912 and 5/6/7.Prologue - "Get attuned to the Sword of Griffin" secondary quest cannot be completed without fighting each combat manually.The Perfect Silkswords buff is not enough powerful.