Magdi ruzsa unsubstantial blues

Verse 2, i used to magdi dream we'd take it blues nice and unsubstantial easy.
I'm helpless and I'm lonely magdi ruzsa without you.Unsubstantial blues, how many times magdi have you fooled me and denied that.It's her who you love, and it sure isn't me?You're unsubstantial such a casual man, lendin' an empty hand.I used to dream we'd take it nice and easy.If now you could see me, you'd think twice about leaving.How many times have you fooled me and denied that?You're such a casual man ruzsa lendin' an empty hand.Casual man lendin' an empty hand. Left mechanics me breathless with nothing more to lose.
Y' said forever unsubstantial is the time you're setup gonna spend mechanics around.
God, if I could make it on without you.
Verse 1, fallout how many times have you games fooled me and denied that?So why did you leave me?So now that it's over, I'll try and take it sober.Yes, you're a cross casual man lendin' an empty hand.Y'd said forever is the time you're gonna spend around.You said goodbye, oh why did you leave me?Casual man, lendin' an empty hand.You're such a casual man, oh wavin' an empty hand.Yes, you're a casual man, lendin' an empty hand.Get jobs, settle down in Jameson Town.

If now you could see me, you'd think twice magdi ruzsa unsubstantial blues about leavin'.
And why should I believe it?
Chorus, you're such a casual man, oh, wavin' an empty hand.