Medical administrative assistant salary 2012

medical administrative assistant salary 2012

Medical Assisting Salaries by Work Setting The aama 2013 compensation survey also broke down medical assistant (CMA) salaries by the administrative setting in which they work.
This means medical administrative assistants in a clinic typically spend more time scheduling appointments, both in person and salary on the phone.
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Executives and salary professionals harness word processors, email and mobile devices to perform tasks once within the province of administrative assistants.Heres what we found: Top skills employers are seeking, technical skills, transferable skills.North Dakota 520. large facilities, roles and responsibilities are typically more specialized and clearly defined.Experience In Canada, the median salary for entry-level administrative assistants is C34,000 medical per year.Delaware 1850.51.96.Lets take a closer administrative look at administrative the most common work salary environments.Schedule appointments and update event calendars.Draft routine memos, billing, or other reports. Average salaries for medical assistants, according to work setting, included: Ambulatory setting:.26 per hour/32,350 per year Emergency/outpatient hospital department:.94 per hour/33,745 per year Physicians offices:.32 per hour/29,749 per year Other:.95 per hour/30,958 per year Of the 87 percent of administrative respondents assistant working.
Medical secretaries need to be familiar with medical terminology, medical records, and hospital or laboratory procedures.
It has since been updated to include information relevant to 2018.
West Virginia papa 3210.76.69.For instance, all of these countries require employers to contribute to employee pensions.The annual mean salary for these professionals.What does a medical administrative assistant do in a clinic?Truity does not editorialize the information, including changing information that our readers believe is administrative inaccurate, because we herd consider the BLS to be the authority on occupational information.How can I decide?Certain medical offices such as urgent care centers operate on evenings and weekends to accommodate schedules and sudden illnesses that might not necessitate an emergency room visit.Connecticut 7160.97.55.Administrative assistants with at assistant least 10 years of experience have a median pay of CHF81,000.Industries such as healthcare could still see rising employment of secretaries as these workers help process insurance and patient billing.Mississippi look 1810.11.57.There is no published author for this page.Administrative Assistant Salary Influencers, factors such as the type of employer and whether the sector is public or private strongly influence the pay of administrative assistants.Tennessee 13860.

Fifty-one percent of medical assistants reported working in a medical administrative assistant salary 2012 single-specialty practice, while 45 percent reported working in a multispecialty setting.
In this setting, you may be responsible for duties that go beyond the typical medical administrative assistant job description.
The size of the facility, scope of procedures and geographical location can all play a part in how duties are divvied out to employees.