Ms office for ipad

I hope soit could be both cool and useful.
In case you want to use your office Windows Tablet or iPad as a PC, and want to connect them with external ipad keyboard and mouse, iPad does not offer you such functionality.
However, remember that office Macros are also ipad not supported by Microsofts Windows.
Whenever you use MS office ipad closely, you will get to know some minor changes in the ipad functionalities, it depends upon your requirements, whether they are better or worse for you.However, for editing or creating any document, you have to buy an Office 365 subscription.In iPad, office you will see the correct words are highlighted above the wrong spelling, but in Windows Tablet, it will be described with a colored underline like a desktop version of MS office.Gadget site T3 is reporting that Microsoft has dropped a hint that it may be working on a version of Office for the iPad.At times, Macros are the compulsory function to use for some users.If you wish to use Office for free in your iPad, you can still use some features of it, like reading documents, give presentations, and even mess around with spreadsheets, using documents on the device or in OneDrive.In spite of all the differences there are also some similar features that MS office has with Windows Tablet and iPad both.At times, user needs Office just for personal usage or for small office office purposes. Lets discuss some similarities between using MS office with Windows special Table and iPad.
Still you can connect external key board with Bluetooth to iPad, but it specifically does not support an external keyboard ipad feature.
In-fact you will like some functionalities of iPad more in comparison to Windows Tablet.
Maybe the exec was talking about that.To which Ballmer responded: Well, youve got to remember, 100 million sounds like a pretty small number to me, actually.We have game a product that start we think makes a lot of sense.To solve such problem MS Office offers the auto spelling corrector feature, which is common in iPad and Windows both.This decision has increased the efficiency of the iPad in terms of office documentation.Still, its like Ballmer saying similar things about the iPhone and iPad, hes just so blindly focused on Microsoft (and that Microsoft can do no wrong) he just says these things.Text Correction, some people ipad have the habit to make typing errors while creating spreadsheets, documents or presentations on the Tablet screen.On the other hand, Windows Tablet also supports external keyboard function, but iPad does not.The only Office/iPhone news since then has been the fact that Office 2010s Web features will include some basic tools designed to let people view documents on smartphones.Its enthusiasm seems to have paid off for special everybody involved that time around 8 Comments, read more: Apple iPad, Microsoft, Microsoft Office.In his interview with Business Week, interviewer Ashlee Vance pointed out that Microsoft was rather late in the cloud storage game and they office have to compete with folks like Dropbox.If you go for core professional work, Windows Tablet is better than iPad office, however, for normal user iPad is more flexible.Then again, Windows 8 and the Surface arent visual making traction against the iPad anyway, so Microsoft may as well make money off of the software people do want, dont you think?