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The protagonist's friends, Cheren and Bianca, are also rival Pokémon Trainers who occasionally battle the player, Cheren will choose the Pokémon with a type advantage against yours, while Bianca will choose the Pokémon with a type disadvantage.
They can learn black up to pokemon four black moves, including attacking moves, healing moves, and moves that pokemon inflict status conditions on the opponent.Pokemon Black and White Gameplay, pokémon Black and White are role-playing black video games with adventure elements, black presented in a third-person, overhead perspective.If an opposing Pokémon faints, all of the player's Pokémon who participated in defeating it receive experience points.Soon after, he summons a large castle that surrounds the Pokémon League, challenging the player to find him to take part in one final battle.A Pokémon's type makes it vulnerable or resistant to others; for example, Fire-type Pokémon are weak to Water-type moves, while Grass-type moves do little damage to them pokemon and Electric-type moves do normal damage. The player can also challenge the edible entry Elite Four once again, and challenge Alder, ultimately becoming the Unova region's new Pokémon game Champion.
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Most Pokémon evolve into other forms when certain conditions are met, such as when they reach a certain levellevels range from 1 to 100or have a certain item used on them.Copyright 2019 Emulator Online.This Game is the English (USA) Version and is the highest quality availble.During battle, the player may fight, use an item, switch the active Pokémon, or flee.At the «Day Care» location, the player can breed two of their Pokémonusually, a male and a femaleto create Eggs that hatch into baby Pokémon at level.Depending on the game version, N will capture game the Deep Black Pokémon Zekrom in Black or the Vast White Pokémon Reshiram in White.Like black all other Trainers, the player can carry up to six Pokémon at one time.After Team Plasma's defeat, Looker arrives in Unova and tasks the player with finding the remaining Sages of Team Plasma, so they can be brought to justice.However, the game also includes a network of PCs to store hundreds of Pokémon.Sequels to Pokémon Black and White, named Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, were released in Japan for the Nintendo DS in June 2012, with October releases in North America, Europe, and Australia.The world of Pokémon Black and White, known as Unova, consists of a number of cities and towns connected by «Routes».All eight Badges are needed to unlock the Pokémon League, where the player faces off against the «Elite Four» and, finally, the Champion.When the player finally reaches him, Reshiram in Black or Zekrom in White appears before the player, and the player must capture margaret the legendary Pokémon before challenging.The region's Japanese name «Isshu» is derived from the Japanese words tashu (?, meaning «many kinds and isshu (?, meaning «one kind the many kinds of people and Pokémon seen up close look like only one kind of life from afar.However, the player cannot flee a battle against another margaret Trainer or against certain wild Pokémon that are stronger than the player's.

Both titles are independent of each other, but feature largely the same plot, and while both can be played separately, trading Pokémon between both of the games is necessary in order to complete the games' Pokédex.
As of March 2013, the games' combined sales have reached.42 million, putting the titles amongst the best selling games for the Nintendo DS, but still being outsold by their predecessors, Diamond and Pearl.
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