Round up 5 student's book

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New Round-Up 3 (student's book, students teacher's book, students cd-rom, students audio Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley.All material presented is structurally graded, with revision exercises after every 4 units.Eight Progress Tests, each covering two consecutive units, are also book included at the end of the book.New Round-Up 5 (student's book, teacher's book, cd-rom, audio Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley.The aim of the book book is to help students understand and use English grammar structures through exciting, full-colour illustrations and a variety of exercises.New Round-up 5 Students Book Russian edition.Four Pre-Tests are included at the end of the book for book students to use as practice before their exam.New Round-Up 4 (student's book, teacher's book, cd-rom, audio Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley.New Round-up 2 (student's book, teacher's book, cd-rom, audio Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. "Alice I said sourly.
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