Spread the word game

spread the word game

See also: spread, word spread the spread game word to tell word many people some kind of information.
I need spread to spread the word that the meeting is canceled for this afternoon.
Social networks channels, we have chosen a couple of the most popular and trustworthy resources on the internet Facebook and Twitter.My Dictionary, create and share your own word lists and quizzes game spread for free!Want to thank TFD for its existence?See also: spread, word spread the word tell people about something: Because of her contacts in the business world, he asked Kate to spread the word about his latest venture.Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's spread page for free fun content.Sign up now, log in, more meanings of spread the word. Moreover, by helping hotkeys us spread the income word about the Giveaway initiative, you will encourage more software publishers to join our project and provide more software titles to you and your friends.
So how do I add it?
Whats the Game Giveaway Ticker?
Because you will be helping your friends and visitors with the information about our initiative and because you will be helping both us and software publishers to distribute great software in a new, and whats also important, legal way!For Facebook devotees we have dead two options: Like our page or add, facebook application.Opposite: keep something to yourself, see also: spread, word.More visitors will make our portal more attractive for bigger software companies and who knows may be you will see Microsoft giving away software here one day?So follow us and re-tweet our posts on Twitter if you cant live without tiny blue query bird.No ads, no harmful scripts we guarantee that.Giveaway Ticker is a small informational block which can be added to any web page via html code inclusion.Html ticker (customizable, javascript code, min.Cambridge dictionaries paper logo, follow us spread the word, translations of game spread the word.Link to this page: a the word /a.Add our Ticker to your web-page or blog!Spread form the word, to disseminate a specific piece of information.Also found in: Acronyms.