Total english teacher's book

Vocabulary: teachers Ss focus on ma king nouns, looking at the different suffixes we can use (e.g.
Lindsay Pressdee who started her own business in 1996.Write the word interview on the board and teachers ask 5s to work in pairs and total write down any words/ phrases that come into their heads associated english with interview.Ss also focu s on possessions, inventions and the materials -y are made of, listening to people talking about english various english :ossessions.2 book 1usualty leave more time than 1need to ptlo won.Optional warmer Write the following two sentences on the board: 1 I work to live.(had been declining; hod fol/en; were enjoying; left) 6a Gel Ss to match Ihe teachers underlined verbs in Ihe Active grammar box to the list of narrative tenses A-.Divide the class into Student As and Student. After l esson 1 to extend the topic of ways of working.
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Do not get class feedback yet.
2 Mma RamoIswe is hopeful but not very optimistic that her business will succeed.Get them to compare book their se ntences with a partner, then get whole class feedback.111 Ask 5s to complete their personal details on the Portfolio and explain its purpose: to help 5s learn more effectively and demonstrate their language abilities and experiences to others.Ask 5s to discuss in pairs which of the two sentences is closest to their own feelings about work.Person to person.5 II Get Ss to discuss the questions audio lausevic In pairs or small 2 Get Ss to discuss the questions in pairs or small groups.S late, CU/Sr see you later, LOL.Answers: 18 to do voluntary work: to do a job audio which is not paid b knjiga to work parttime: to do a job for only a few episodes hours or a few days a week but not every day 2a to take early retirement: to decide.B" In pairs, get 5s to refer to examples 1-6 and complete rules A-F in the Active serial grammar box.

Do brief feedback on their ideas but do not accept or reject any ideas at this total english teacher's book stage.
Famous ple like Princess Diana and 'ordinary' people like fishte(s).