Uxtheme patcher for windows xp sp2

Well, UXTheme Patch for Windows XP SP2 provides uxtheme just the patcher solution for that.
Dll (which you downloaded from here) to C:Windowssystem32.
Uxtheme Multi-patcher.0 -.88 MB, uxtheme uxtheme Multi-patcher.0 -.80 MB, uxtheme Multi-patcher.1 -.81.Dll.old or copying it to another location.Paste the patched or hacked uxtheme.Second Method (Using Replacer).Congratulatiuon you are now ready to use patcher third-party visual styles.Uxtheme Multi-patcher.1 -.07 MB, uxtheme Multi-patcher.0 -.07 MB, uxtheme Multi-patcher.0 -.06.Dll file located in your Windows/System32 directory and removes the signature verifications, allowing you to use just about any patcher third-party customized XP theme.Dll windows into the command prompt window.That is about all you have to keep in mind.Rar, mirror, note: The patcher above link is for Windows XP users only. Drag in the unlocked (patched) uxtheme.
Dll by default prevents users from installing themes that are not digitally signed by Microsoft.Navigate to C:Windowssystem32 and serial backup the original uxtheme.Dll file, you serial must know that this application only works with Windows XP SP2 and windows prove nero quite useless with SP3.Drag this file into the command uxtheme prompt window.Be sure to make a backup for the original uxtheme.By patching this DLL, you can install all third party visual styles (.msstyles) that are not digitally signed.Congratulation you are now ready to use third-party visual styles like this one: Browse stainless visual style here.If you get another pop-us then ignore it and reboot your.This is the reason why only a few themes are officially agreed by Microsoft and can be installed on your computer without much of a hassle.But what about all the fan-developed themes?Browse to C:Windowssystem32 and find uxtheme.You should then see a second Windows File Protection pop-up window asking you to insert your SP2.Press any key when prompted.Confirm the replacement and wait for Replacer episode to finish.

You should get a pop-up windows titled "Windows File Protection".
We tested it with Sentinel XP Theme and we uxtheme patcher for windows xp sp2 were able to replace the start menu, buttons, windows, dialog boxes, scrolling bars, menus, icons or taskbar and got whole different look of XP with no trouble at all.