Web analytics an hour a day ebook

From his experience, he outlines radical analytics strategies for how you should select the analytics right tool for your company (while saving money and hour peace of mind) and identify truly valuable metrics with his "three layers of So What?" test.
His revolutionary approach to web analytics challenges prevalent thinking about the field and guides readers to a solution that will provide truly informed and actionable analytics insights.
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Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.You'll significantly speed up your own analytics and decision making ebook journey.100 of the revenue generated from the amazon affiliate program will also be donated.Web Analytics: An Hour a Day is the ultimate resource for anyone needing a step-by-step, task-based guide to creating and maintaining a modern web analytics strategy analytics and framework.My contract was to write a book that was 250 pages, the book is now 480 pages!So if you are up for it I would like to ask for your help: Recommend: Please consider recommending the book to someone you know whom it might ebook be helpful.It can be with your dog.What's the optimal hour organization structure (and who should own web analytics!)?If you have fifteen years of experience you'll still learn loads from chapters that cover holistic search analytics (internal, SEO, SEM/PPC) and Statistical Significance and Multi Channel Marketing Analytics and Advanced Conversion Rate measurement and more. Kaushik writes well and is clearly very passionate about his work.
In 480 pages the book goes from from beginner's basics to a advanced analytics concepts.
There is little beating around the bush and talking from an ivory tower.I am sure you have a digital catalyst camera handy!100 of my proceeds from the book will be donated to two of my favorite charities: The Smile torent Train and MÃdecins Sans FrontiÃres (Doctors Without Borders).updates: #1: Please analytics see the lovely photos power below in comments!A customized quick-start guide for different businesses (including blogs) is followed by catalyst increasingly advanced and crucial analytics topics, such as search analytics (SEO, SEM/PPC and internal site search) and multi-channel marketing analytics.For far too long web torent analytics has been relegated to the art of analyzing clicks on a site.Avinash Kaushik is a expert in web analytics and author of the top-rated blog Occams Razor ( t/avinash ).What to look for in great web analysts?

Experimentation Testing (A/B, Multivariate, you name it).
Part Three : A contest, 300 winners (the stories intersect).