Windows 8 lock screen image group policy

Edit Group Policy option and the group Group Policy editor will open.
To solve this problem, you can either disable the lock screen saver or remove the windows group logon screen on resume.
Fortunately bypassing the policy is as easy as download and running another registry fix.
Finally click on the, oK button and close the Group Policy Editor.Prevent changing lock start menu background setting and its properties screen will open.Windows 8, windows 8 has many new features when compared.In the right-hand image pane you should now see a variety of settings.By default Windows Server activates the screen saver if the computer has been idle for 10 minutes and the setting On lock resume, display logon screen will also be checked.Download Reg Fix to Delete Password protect the screen saver Group Policy. To disable the screen auto lock policy screen when idle, the easiest solution which requires only a click is to lock download this registry fix file, run it on the computer that is automatically getting locked and restart the PC for the changes to creed take effect.
In the event that you need to lock down the Windows 8 Start network Screen background image or just do not want a user to have the ability to change it, you can disable it via a policy creed in the Group Policy Editor or via.Select the, enabled radio button and then click on the.If the On Resume, display logon screen checkbox is disabled or grayed out like what is shown at office the screenshot below, it means that there is a group policy being implemented probably by your companys network administrator to prevent the local logged in user from.Weve provided two different registry fixes where you can either delete the policy so that it will be possible for you to manually enable/disable the settings, or you disable the option while maintaining the checkbox grayed out.Users have the option to customize these features including lock screen.Windows 8 will no longer allow you to change the Windows 8 Start Screen background.NoChangingStartMenuBackground, rEG_dword value under the, registry key and setting it.

Click Apply and close the editor, now on windows 8 lock screen image group policy users wont be able to change the lock screen image in Windows.
Download Reg Fix to Disable Password protect the screen saver Group Policy.
Run- c and press enter.