Windows nt workstation 6.1

windows nt workstation 6.1

Windows 2 workstation 1987, windows 3 1990, windows.1 windows 1993, windows.5 Workstation 1994, windows.51 1995, windows 95 1995, windows.0 1996.
Windows.1 Beta Release, windows.1 WorkStation, windows.1 Server, windows.1 Terminal Server.
Windows.1 was released in workstation 2010, it's the next NT version after.
Windows.1 WorkStation, windows.1 Server, windows.1 Terminal Server.Windows.1 Embedded windows (2013 windows.1 Pre-Alpha, windows.1 Alpha Release.Windows 7 (NT.1) 2009.Windows.1 Embedded, add a photo to this gallery).I am trying to pull a report workstation for all Windows 7 machines.Vista - windows NT6.0, XP workstation - NT5.1, Windows2000 - NT5.0.Windows Server 2003 Windows.2. But, i could find 2 attributes in view V_r_system that are operating_system_name_and0 and preview operatingsystem0 where I can get the OS information.
So, I could not find any difference between "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1" machines and "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1 (Tablet black Edition machines in terms of models number, OS build number.
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Few machines are showing as "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1" on operating_system_name_and0 and few are "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1 (Tablet Edition.Could someone of you please why the operating_system_name_and0 attribute shows as "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1 (Tablet Edition for part of the machines).Windows 2000 Windows.0, windows XP Windows.1.But, those are ALL normal laptops only.I am so curious to windows know about "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1 (Tablet Edition so I just compared windows those machines with V_GS_Computer_system view to know whether these workstation machines are a normal Laptop or Tablet based laptop.However, those machines OSes are showing as "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1 (Tablet Edition.But, the build numbers and OS versions are same as "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1" machines.I am so curious to know about "Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.1 (Tablet Edition so I just compared game those machines with.Windows.5 Workstation.Windows 7 (NT.1).Windows Home Server 2011."5 Reasons To Be Excited For The Mentalist Season 5".

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