Wwe smackdown 2010 game

Similar to previous games in the series, WWE SmackDown.
Creating entrances other than your titantron is extremely flexible, although you have to choose a game generic enterance if your superstar has a title.
Combat can feel chuncky at times but that would mainly be smackdown due to your character's weight class or game something smackdown else to keep the game ballanced; I mean this IS a sports game, not a high octane beat-'em-up.
Converting a Highlight reel into an enterance movie is silly because smackdown it means that you can only use footage from one match.There are game also a ton of moves for you to set your move list, and using them with your own superstar comming out with his own enterance feels as rewarding as any missed achivement oppertunity.Otherwise, the game rules.Raw 2010 adds several new features game with the main theme based around customization, such as a Story Designer allowing players to create their own playable WWE storylines, an expansion on the Create-a-Finisher mode to include aerial techniques and for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation.It also features the promotion's former third brand ECW.In short, the Creation Modes are good enough to be the entire game, except for story editor, which I haven't done. Raw 2010 game is a professional wrestling video game developed by Yuke's, and game published by THQ, and is the hand sequel to its predecessor WWE SmackDown.
The graphics and combat glitch a lot, but they've fixed some hour clipping issues, and the achivements aren't that great, but The graphics and combat glitch a lot, but they've fixed some clipping issues, and the achivements aren't that great, but that's not really going.
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The only thing more customizable game than your enterance is your create a superstar.The game is based on the professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE and is named after the promotion's two brands: SmackDown and Raw.The actual gameplay feels fine.It steels the show, and is just as analytics flexible as character creation in Saints Row 2, with hundreds of clothes, paint, and tatoos to choose from kill hand to customize him or her to the max.Raw 2010 involves players competing in various different professional wrestling matches, either as one of the in-game characters based on WWE's roster or as a character created in the Create-a-Superstar mode.The only part about the combat that needs fixing is auto-lock on, which could make you lose in an handicap match, but you fix it by turning on manual lock on in the options menu.